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About Us

Our Expertise

The apple of one’s eye, a parent’s happiness knows no bounds when their little bundle of joy enters the world.

Every mother dreams of showering their child with everything she wished for as a child herself.

She celebrates and relives her childhood through her precious baby, carefully choosing nothing but the best for her little munchkin. 

Every mother yearns to dress up her child in clothing that is comfortable, durable, and breathable along with being in vogue.

We, at Tiny Bunnies, are dedicated to design comfortable clothing that your children would love to wear. 

Toddlers have uniquely soft & sensitive skin. Hence, the smallest allergic reaction to certain fabrics can be a cause of great discomfort for them.

Moms have the tough decision of waking up every morning & choosing the right outfits for their kids. At Tiny Bunnies, we muster every ounce of our creativity & put in oodles of love & passionate thought into each piece of clothing. Our apparels are handmade, providing great attention to every detail to cherish that smile on your Lil’ urn’s face. 

Being in the textile industry for more than 17 years, it is with our expertise we’ve always wanted to design comfort clothing for free-spirited little people while protecting their fragile skin and sensitive needs.

Crafted with utmost love, all our products are made from 100% pure cotton fabric which increases durability, comfort and is perfect for every season. 

We believe that clothing for your toddlers needs to serve the following purposes: 

  • Comfort

  • Happiness 

  • Practicality

Tiny Bunnies crafts cosy cotton clothing in bright & cheerful designs that kids love to wear and look adorable wearing.

By borrowing the influences of our rich cultural and traditional woven fabrics, we aim at making stylish yet super comfortable clothing for toddlers. Tiny Bunnies offers flexibility, comfort and charm for kids wear for just about any occasion!

Our Love & Dedication

Dedicated towards designing sustainable & comfortable cotton clothing for your baby, handcrafted in an ethical environment with attention into the details of  each design and product,  Tiny Bunnies was born out of passionate thought & desire for crafting durable, simple & quality products made with love & care.

We are an Indian origin baby clothing label crafting top/shirt & pant comfort wear cotton sets for toddlers (6 -12 Months, 1-2 Years, 2-3 Years & 3-4 Years) using 100% pure cotton fabrics.

We elucidate our designs as being baby and parent friendly. 

Babies are full of energy, they want to crawl, attempt to walk, and learn new things, so the clothing needs to keep up with their need for a lot of activities. Thus, Clothing for kids needs to serve 3 purposes – Comfort, Happiness & Practicality. 

Each clothing set is meticulously designed so you will feel the difference of ease and comfort when using our line of baby clothes. Our outfits are super soft and luxurious on your baby’s skin. Every cotton set has a certain unique style and looks fabulous just for about any occasion.

Our collection of baby clothes are great for new mothers and excellent as a birthday gift for toddlers ensuring quality, charm and comfort that they offer. Bright, cheerful and unique designs are meant to make the clothes adorable and cute. So, not only will you as a parent fall in love with them, but your babies will enjoy them too.

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